Flawless Work with Freelancers

Automate paperwork, send cross-border payments for freelance gigs and never mind admin with Flime service for freelance management

Why Flime

  • 412 businesses

    are enjoying flawless workflow with our service

  • 100 000 freelancers

    are getting paid for gigs via Flime

  • 4 000 000 EUROS

    are being paid via Flime every month

  • 4 offices

    in the Netherlands, Cyprus, Latvia and Russia

Streamline your relationships
with freelancers

  • Sign Up

    Set up your company profile. Sign the agreement. Change the way you work with our user-friendly interface.

  • Invite your

    Invite self-employed and freelancers from anywhere. Know that we are taking care of KYC. Onboard freelancers with ease.

  • Set the

    Choose from 300+ services. Discuss and agree on the terms with your freelancers. Upload files.

  • Top-up balance

    Add funds via bank transfer. Decide on the project budget. Wait for an automated invoice.

  • Pay for the
    finished task

    Transfer money to bank cards and bank accounts. Issue large batch payments with a CSV file. Cut your wire transfer costs.

  • Get the accounting

    Automate reports. Receive IP rights & NDAs. Secure file transfer by Amazon S3.

Service Features

Speed up freelance workforce engagement

Onboarding can be much faster than it is today: the sending and receiving of contracts and waiting for signatures takes time. Our seamless onboarding method removes the back and forth process and ensures that you and your workforce can start completing tasks with one click! Simply invite your freelancer to work with you through Flime and start.

Our service requires independent workers to input their email. While we set up the KYC and onboarding procedures, you can focus on discussing terms, setting tasks or getting straight to work. Signing contracts with multiple freelancers is more manageable than ever and is exactly what you need in today’s gig economy. Hire through Flime and reduce the steps to onboard a freelancer by using our online platform.

All your administrative tasks are in good hands allowing you to forget paperwork as part of the process and instead, spend more time in hiring and managing an engaged, motivated, results-oriented independent workforce.

Save time in each stage

Save time and keep your workload lower by allowing us to streamline all your independent workforce’s admin work while you stay focused on supporting your business and freelancer’s interest.  

When you sign up with Flime, you have one contract that can be used to hire multiple freelancers. Having one contract instead of dozens of contracts with freelancers releases hours - even days - your talented managers and payroll accountants previously spent on tedious paperwork. Flime’s automated KYC and faultless compliance procedure help freelancers and non-freelancers manage their increasing data and privacy responsibilities.

Adding freelancers to a growing business should increase the potential of success rather than increase the risk. We are a PCI DSS and GDPR compliant service and you can entrust us with the responsibility. The process is automated - in one place, at one time - with all personal information and payment details of your freelance workforce securely kept in our database.

Pay your freelance workforce

The future of work is changing. Traditional jobs are becoming a thing of the past while the remote freelance economy is growing and paying freelancers across the globe can be expensive. Instead of using wire transfers at a high cost, make payday hassle-free by using our service and reaching your workforce for a cheaper price worldwide.

Our seamless payments span across 193 countries and are four times less expensive. Today’s technology has made the process of invoicing and paying easier.  Our top of the line system is designed in a way that the invoice information from your freelance workforce is correct and complete. No more delays or frustration with wrong invoicing.  

Paying is equally as simple. Start by adding your funds to Flime’s platform. Once you have received the automatically generated invoice from your freelancer, click the Pay button and your independent workers receive their money in real time.

Scale your business

When businesses aim to scale out, the key is automation. Prioritise your responsibilities and automate as much as possible so that you can focus on getting your business to grow. By delegating automated responsibilities to Flime, we can take care of the tasks so that you don’t have to. Instead, you can spend time on learning new skills, increasing your freelance workforce, strategising and targeting the key activities that will move your business forward.

Leave the administrative work to us. Our perfect reporting system is simple and clear. Our research-based expertise ensures that all reports are compliant with taxes. The paperwork needed to scale your business is available on our platform - ready for you to use when you decide to take the leap.