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Flime is a partner payment automation platform for publishing houses, creative teams, digital agencies, affiliate networks and retail.
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I have to track payments, as well as send checks or use PayPal. It takes a lot of time

I have a huge time hole with onboarding freelancers and their tax information and then on tax compliance and paying all the remote team.

Payment errors interrupt our partners’ workflow making us less competitive. We mature from manual cross-border payments but have no global solution.

Marketing campaigns start with a huge amount of manual work for our controller to onboard dozens of promoters and merchandisers.

With Flime

You can make hundreds of payments every week in five minutes, and your controller can do more important work.

Handing it all to Flime obviously is a huge labor cost savings and automatically achieves complete compliance with any local or regional rules.

You get accurate payment results offering your affiliate network the freedom to choose their desired payment methods. Streamline payments to focus on doing more business development.

Onboarding, compliance and mass payments are on hand. Your accountant no longer has to vet payment data and manually collect tax forms. This enables you to grow and scale.

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