About us

Our Mission

We believe that in today's business world, people matter more than boundaries and material resources.
The speed at which we implement people’s ideas is a crucial factor for any project’s success.

Based on this philosophy, we have developed Solar Staff and Flime. Our goal is to let you focus on working with your customers, no matter where they are located. You only need to think about their tasks and rates. Boundaries are eliminated and paperwork and bureaucracy should and will be automated.

Our Company

Flime is a group of companies, which was founded in 2017. Now it is a team of more than 40 professionals, who work in our offices in Amsterdam and Limassol.

Our team has a lot of experience in operating with freelance management systems, especially in CIS countries with our previous and extremely successful platform Solar Staff.

We have been growing for 4 years and now we are ready to introduce our product to the European market.