Flawless Work with Freelancers

Automate paperwork, send cross-border payments for freelance gigs and never mind admin with Flime service for freelance management

Why Flime

  • 412 businesses

    are enjoying flawless workflow with our service

  • 100 000 freelancers

    are getting paid for gigs via Flime

  • 4 000 000 EUROS

    are being paid via Flime every month

  • 4 offices

    in the Netherlands, Cyprus, Latvia and Russia

  • Speed Up
    Your employees spend 20% of time dealing with paperwork. With Flime, they spend nothing.
  • save money
    Reduce transaction
    On average, you pay €32 in hidden fees for international money transfers. Flime charges 6%.
  • scale
    Grow gains not pains
    Instead of making mistakes building new processes for your fast-growing staff, use proven workflows with Flime.

Streamline your relationships
with freelancers

  • Sign Up

    Set up your company profile. Sign the agreement. Change the way you work with our user-friendly interface.

  • Invite your

    Invite self-employed and freelancers from anywhere. Know that we are taking care of KYC. Onboard freelancers with ease.

  • Set the

    Choose from 300+ services. Discuss and agree on the terms with your freelancers. Upload files.

  • Top-up balance

    Add funds via bank transfer. Decide on the project budget. Wait for an automated invoice.

  • Pay for the
    finished task

    Transfer money to bank cards and bank accounts. Issue large batch payments with a CSV file. Cut your wire transfer costs.

  • Get the accounting

    Automate reports. Receive IP rights & NDAs. Secure file transfer by Amazon S3.