We invoice your clients
You get paid

  • Invoice customers worldwide
    Invoice customers worldwide
    Customize, create and send an invoice to your customers anywhere in the world. Use our free template available and make sure your invoice includes all the correct information.
  • Get paid for the work done
    Get paid
    Our payment method ensures that customers pay for completed tasks and working hours. Once the terms are agreed, Flime collects money from your clients. We send the funds to your account when the invoice has been approved.
  • Get tax compliant reports
    Get tax compliant reports
    Cross-border payments come with local tax-compliant reports and are available to you on our easy-to-use platform.

Collect payments from multiple clients

  • Sign Up

    Set up your profile. Get the agreement with Flime.

  • Verify your

    Pass through a KYC (Know Your Client) procedure to start a genuine relationship with customers worldwide.

  • Invite your

    All you need to do to start is send an email to your customer and we will take care of the rest.

  • Set and share
    the tasks

    Choose from a range of specializations, chat with your customers, discuss and agree on the terms and upload the necessary files.

  • Get paid
    on time

    Global payments can be sent to credit cards and bank accounts in real time.

  • Download docs
    for the tax return

    + Transfer IP rights
    + NDA available
    + Secure file transfer by Amazon S3

Get paid for the completed work

Charge your client for every task you work on with an auto-generated invoice. Withdraw the money to your preferred payment method and currency. Feel safe with reports tailored to local tax compliance rules.
  1. Sign up by invitation or without
    Set up your profile specifying essential information like your country and specialization.
  2. Invite your customer
    Send a single email link to your customer. After they have accepted the offer and topped up their balance with the prepayment amount, they will be able to settle the invoices for the finished work immediately.
  3. Set the task
    Type a detailed description, indicate the cost of the work and tick a box to get the IP rights for the result (if needed). This information allows us to generate proper accounting documents for you and your customer.
  4. Get paid
    When a customer pays for the task, Flime transfers the payment to you and the IP rights to the customer.
  5. Be covered with tax compliant documents
    All your invoices are kept in your personal account with Flime. Moreover, you will receive reports for the previous financial period to download and print if needed.