Workflow with Flime

  • Invite your freelance team
    Send a single email to your freelancer or upload a CSV file to send a bulky invitation. We take care of the rest. After agreeing with the public offer and ID verification, your freelancer becomes a subcontractor of Flime and we act as your general contractor.
    Invite your freelance team
  • Set the task
    Type a detailed description, indicate the cost of the work and tick a box to get the IP rights for the result (if needed). This information allows us to generate proper accounting documents for you. Upload a CSV file for a bulky task list to save even more time.
    Set the task
  • Freelancer ID verification
    We make sure that Freelancers pass a KYC procedure to verify their identity before they start working on your tasks. This gives us the information we need to keep your relationships compliant according to yours and your freelancer’s local tax regimes.
    Freelancer ID verification
  • Balance Top-Up
    To accept the result of the work submitted and have your freelancers paid, you must first top-up your balance on our platform. Next, you specify to us the amount to pay, download our invoice. Your invoices to the freelancers are contracted through Flime.
    Balance Top-Up
  • Make a payment
    When the job is done and your balance is replenished, just click the «pay» button to send the money instantly to the freelancer.
    Make a payment
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Get all the papers you need
At the beginning of the next month, you will receive reports for the previous period straight into your Flime account. This is available to download and print if needed.